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Precum – Pure Nectar (1)


What story does this picture tell you?


Well, if we put it scientifically, we learn this: The Cowper’s glands, also known as bulbourethral glands, are two small (about pea-sized) structures near the base of the penis; their function is to secrete glycerine-like mucus that lubricates and readies the urethra (i.e. neutralizing the acidity within the urethra itself) prior to ejaculation. They were named after anatomist William Cowper and are homologous to Bartholin’s glands in females. Most guys know this secretion as “pre-cum”. Some men secrete much more of it than others; in fact, many men don’t even notice it at all.

Many men don’t even notice it at all“ – really? I guess that does not account for all you guys reading this! Precuming is very well a highly arousing subject in its own right. And the fluid itself is

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Being Edged – What it Feels Like (1)


Read this story about a man giving feedback to his girlfriend while she is trying to edge him into a massive cumburst.

Her say in this color and His say in this color!

Me and my man have been a really good team when it came to sex. Most probably because we shared similar interests. I enjoyed to see him cum. It was not just to see his cock spurt, which most of the time it did spectacularly, it was rather to experience him cum. Because my man was very vocal (could afford that in an off the path house) he expressed his feelings without any inhibitions. So, after knowing him for years, that´s what we both enjoyed most: me making him cum, slowly, after some edging, after some fucking and lovemaking.

We had agreed upon that he was supposed…

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At the end of this chapter (about male genitals) I just wanted to summarize once more. Cock, although mostly tugged away, is the most exciting feature humans may explore among themselves. For one because it is predominantly connected to sexuality and secondly because penis and scrotum are such spectacular biological structures!

When we (at least I do) see pictures of cocks (or even better clips of spurting dicks), how can we not fall in love with penis after having been captivated in awe (especially at the sight of large specimen and/or stunning ejaculatory performances)? Once we release our genitals from hidden privacy, anyone dealing with cock and scrotum will be catapulted into an independent fantastic realm in which bliss awaits. Penis and scrotum truly are divine in all their appearances! (The following pic is in fact only one of several of an animated GIF…

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